What about messages, support from other Swamiji’s, DharmaGurus?
Given the short time frame, we had, we could only approach a small group of DharmaGurus, Maths, Organizations. These messages are featured in the site. We would like to get support of all DharmaGurus and scholars. If you have can provide us the messages, videos, documents based on the objectives of this project, please send it to us . We will gladly add this to the site.

Does just promoting awareness help ?

It is true that just having an awareness campaign is not the end of the effort. We have to follow up this activity over a sustained period of time. We also have to address the Supply side  by creating awareness with the makers of the idols. We have to provide them with practical, actionable, alternatives. This will take a concerted program to get this into action. Please do provide all your inputs and support.

I already see all the Ganapati idols already prepared and available in the shops. What is the use of this project?

We can make a difference, we can make a start. If you have not bought the idols already, please make an effort to get unpainted or natural dye painted idols. Do not buy large idols, use small idols. Even if 10% of the idols used are eco-friendly we have made a good start.

We should make a start this year, we can plan better the activities for next year festival, it is not a short term project.

What about the large idols bought by the community pandals?

Try and get to store such Ganapati idols in a safe place and re-use it again next year. For the pooja and immersion, use only small, clay idols.

How can I help ?

You can contribute by :

  • Following the suggested practices individually, by walking the talk.
  • Sharing information about this project with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours.
  • Organize awareness meetings with organizers of community pooja pandals.
  • Sharing information on location of stores, makers of eco-friendly idols.
  • Sharing information  on other eco-friendly dye preparation methods.
  • Organising local volunteers to help spread the message to school children, youth.
  • Organize competitions for the most eco-friendly idols among local community pandals. Make sure plastic and other waste is disposed of cleanly.  Remember do not burn plastic, it is toxic.
  • Work with the local municipal, water boards to help co-ordinate and organize immersion tanks.
  • And lots more….. you are creative…

7 Responses to FAQ

  1. Prashanth MN


    My family lives in Sagar, Shimoga District. Can I get a Parisara Ganapathi there ?

    – Prashanth MN

  2. sangeetha

    Could you please let me know where we get “Iliappa” idol in bangalore. Its Ganapathi’s vehicle “Mooshika idol” which they will make just like ganapathi idol (big size of atleast 10 inch). As our family custom , we keep Iliappa on ganapathy festival. We normally get it in Davangere. I am searchign where do we get it in bangalore.

  3. Abhi

    Hi please update where to buy molds

  4. rajani shantharam

    we are planning to conduct workshop for kids. I am looking for mould for 3-4inches of ganesha and 2inches of Gowri. I really appreciate if you let me if it is available with you.


  5. amarnath

    i wish to prepare and distribute clay ganesha for coming ganesh festival among my colleagues and friends and promote use of eco friendly statues for the festival. pl let me know where to get mopulds for the prepartion of small ( 9 inches/ 1 feet clay idols

  6. Sameer Tiwari

    Dear Madam / Sir,

    We are going to organize a awareness workshop for idol makers for using natural colours for colouring idols, we are in seeking help from people / organization working in this field, please send us their contacts

    Though, it is a very small effort yet we can make them aware gradually

    Best regards,


  7. Archana

    Very much impressed with the website. I make hand hade Ganesh for the festival for my home. But I would really like to know more about natural colors dyes for paininting it . This way my Ganesh will be perfectly Eco friendly. Thanks for ur help.

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