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Ganapati  is coming… Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi is coming soon … Sep 9th this year …… What thoughts cross your mind when u hear about Vinayaka Chathurthi Did you think about… Modak….. ?….Ok …What else The shiny glossy colorful mesmerising  idols of Ganapati And ….. explosion of creativity in preparing the Ganapati idols, pandal decorations…. Poojas, […]

Shatavadhani Dr. R.Ganesh

Ganapati is the God of Agriculture When we worship Ganapati we are worshipping Mother Earth and its creations. It is a process of  revisiting the creation  and realizing the process of creation, sustenance and destruction. Ganapati is the God of Agriculture. We need two shovels and one plough, the shovels are represented by the large […]

H.H. Swami Brahmanandaji

Ganapati means Lord of the senses.. Ganapati means the Lord of the senses. That Lord is within us. Ganapati pooja is best performed with the attention turned inwards. All the practices and rituals during Ganapati pooja must be performed with great care. The idols used must be prepared of from clay,  the immersion of the […]

H.H. Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru

Festivals are part of the great Indian spiritual and cultural traditions.. India has a great spiritual and cultural tradition, it has been safeguarding us all these generations and helping us progress. Observing festivals like Ganapati is one of the examples of this tradition. If these festivals are celebrated in keeping with the spirit of ecological […]

H.H. Swami Harshanandaji

Pooja in the spirit of the scriptures.. The efforts of Bala Gangadhar  Tilak have lead to the Ganapati festival taking social dimension,, and it has now become a popular festival all over the country. According to the scriptures, the idol of Ganapati has to be prepared from clay obtained from the  tanks, ponds, lakes  and […]

H.H. Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji

Ganapati worship with a sense of humility .. A movement to spread the awareness about the need for a ecologically friendly Ganapati festival is an essential and unavoidable need of the day. The practice of making large Ganapati idols with non-clay materials is gaining ground, along with the use of toxic colours. This is a […]

H.H. Sri Visvesha Teertha Swamiji

Building a sense of environmental awareness and ownership.. We have to inculcate the perspective of patriotism, spirituality and environment protection in our everyday life and practice it. Sri Krishna sent this message of environment protection through his various deeds. Such messages are a very essential part of all Sanatana Dharma practices. Festivals must be celebrated […]

Dr. A.Chandrashekara Udupa

Thus says Sri Guruji regarding Parisara Ganapati! Lord GANAPATI is always pleased provided you have Generosity, Adjustment, New outlook, Alertness, Purity, Appreciation, Tolerance and Introspection To realise Him, better inculcate perfect Faith, Devotion, Yearning first and practice praying for the welfare of all Jeevakotis in this Universe. Be humble and never grumble. God always sees […]

H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji

Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom.. On the night of Ganesh Chathurti, we are warned not to look at the moon… It is said that if you look at the moon on this night, then you will get blamed for something you didn’t do!So don’t look at the moon!!! Funny……, is there some deeper meaning […]