H.H. Swami Harshanandaji

H.H. Swami Harshanandaji Sri Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore

H.H. Swami Harshanandaji Sri Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore

Pooja in the spirit of the scriptures..

  • The efforts of Bala Gangadhar  Tilak have lead to the Ganapati festival taking social dimension,, and it has now become a popular festival all over the country.
  • According to the scriptures, the idol of Ganapati has to be prepared from clay obtained from the  tanks, ponds, lakes  and other water bodies.
  • Unfortunately, the practice of using toxic chemicals to paint the idols has lead to a lot of environmental damage. This has to be stopped , and only natural dyes of vegetable origin have to be used.
  • Also,  in the name of Ganapati festival, a lot of activities that are against the spririt of our religion are taking place in the Ganapati pandals during the puja days and also during immersion.
  • Such activities must be avoided as it sets a very wrong precedent to our younger generation.
  • We need to wake up and observe this festival in a way suggested by our scriptures and approved by the great Gurus of this land.
  • The festival must be celebrated in a way that will elevate the people participating in it and ensures no damage is done to the precious eco-system.

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