Dr. A.Chandrashekara Udupa

Thus says Sri Guruji regarding Parisara Ganapati!

Dr. A.Chandrashekara Udupa (Doctorji) Divine Park, Saligrama

Dr. A.Chandrashekara Udupa (Doctorji) Divine Park, Saligrama

Lord GANAPATI is always pleased provided you have
New outlook,
Tolerance and
To realise Him, better inculcate perfect Faith, Devotion, Yearning first and practice praying for the welfare of all Jeevakotis in this Universe.

  • Be humble and never grumble. God always sees the inner purity of Heart-Mind Complex and not at all the external pomp and luxury. So install His glory in your heart first and then lead a life of duty, dedication and direction.
  • When Lord Ganesh dwells in your heart, then no need to worship another idol. So pray humbly to Him to glorify Himself in your intellect first and relay inner tuition in your intuition and then there is not at all an urge to dispose Him in your Life-time.
  • Till His greatness remains well imprinted in your Intellect, you have to worship Him on Ganesha Chowthi day and immerse Him in a river remembering the motto ‘free the mud to mud only!’ But be benevolent to the Nature and never harm its mildness and texture and succumb to kukarma and suffer later!”