Shatavadhani Dr. R.Ganesh


Shatavadhani Dr. R.Ganesh Multi-lingual Scholar

Ganapati is the God of Agriculture

  • When we worship Ganapati we are worshipping Mother Earth and its creations. It is a process of  revisiting the creation  and realizing the process of creation, sustenance and destruction.
  • Ganapati is the God of Agriculture. We need two shovels and one plough, the shovels are represented by the large ears , the lone tusk represents the plough , the trunk indicates the source of irrigation .
  • The idols of Ganapati must be made out of clay, it is better if it made with your hands, whatever the shape you are able to give it , ugly or crude it does not matter.
  • According to the Agamas,  the size of the idols should not be big. The amount of Naivedya offered to the deity twice a day and served as prasadam must be 10 times the size of the idol! If this idol is just the size of a fist, at least 1 kg of rice must be offered  for naivedyam.. If not  done in the right proportions, the pooja does not yield any fruit.
  • The current practices with focus on pomp, splendor, lavishness has to be replaced with the original  spirit of  true devotion and submission and  eco-friendly traditions.

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