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Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom..

Sri Sri Ravishankar The Art Of Living

Sri Sri Ravishankar The Art Of Living

  • On the night of Ganesh Chathurti, we are warned not to look at the moon… It is said that if you look at the moon on this night, then you will get blamed for something you didn’t do!So don’t look at the moon!!!
  • Funny……, is there some deeper meaning to this?. The moon symbolizes the mind… Just as the moon waxes and wanes, the mind goes up and down… Some days it makes you feel good, other times it can drag you down into the pits of despair for the smallest of reasons… The mind is what constantly gets you into trouble…
  • Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and it is He who teaches us how to get over the vagrancies of the mind, how to be established firmly in Knowledge and let nothing shake us out from the Bliss of the Being. And so on the day when we are going to celebrate Lord Ganesha, we don’t look at the moon… meaning Follow Knowledge, not your little mind! .
  • Don’t look at the moon! Don’t let that small mind of yours rule you… Be in Knowledge, Be wise, Be happy! Celebrate Ganapati in Satsangh, in the spirit of knowledge and reverence for nature. …..
  • We should make sure we consider the impact on the environment when we celebrate Ganapati pooja.
  • If you use Ganapati idols which are colored using synthetic paints, we should not immerse  these idols. If you necessarily have to immerse the idols, then you should use only paints based on natural dyes.
  • Actually you should not use any paints, you should use idols that are made of clay and just retain the natural color. See the elephant , it has only one color, so the Ganapati idol you use for worship should not have any additional color.
  • Use of any harmful paints will mean you are disrespecting Mother Ganga Bhavani.
  • Before immersing the idols, normally the water element, Ganga Bhavani is worshipped. However, after the worship, if we immerse idols painted with toxic chemicals, pooja items in sealed plastic bags and other non bio-degradable material and pollute the water, we will be actually showing disrespect to Ganga Bhavani.
  • We have to keep the Pancha Tatva,The five elements – space, air, fire, water. earth free from pollution . That is real worship.
  • Let us keep Ganapati in our heart when we perform the pooja and make sure we do not harm the environment.

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