Join Us

Join us

We need to work together to make this project a success. It is a big task for just one group to accomplish. It will need the strength and commitment from all of you in multiple ways.

You can contribute by :

  • Following the suggested practices individually, by walking the talk.
  • Sharing information about this project with friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours.
  • Organize awareness meetings with organizers of community pooja pandals.
  • Organising local volunteers to help spread the message to school children, youth.
  • Sharing information on location of stores, makers of eco-friendly idols.
  • Sharing information on other eco-friendly dye preparation methods.
  • Organize competitions for the most eco-friendly idols among local community pandals.
  • Make sure plastic and other waste is disposed of cleanly. Remember do not burn plastic, it is toxic.
  • Work with the local municipal, water boards to help co-ordinate and organize immersion tanks.
  • And lots more…..
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